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Bet Online poker and win big

Bet Online poker – not the most famous platform among fans to play poker online. Most professionals bypass it, because they can’t find strong players here, which means big bets. However, it will be useful for beginners to get acquainted with the Bet online poker review, since the presence of weaker players, in comparison with other resources that allow you to play online poker via mobile or computer, makes the chances of winning great for them.

Advantages and features

As already mentioned, Bet Online poker is ideal for beginners in online poker who are worth downloading bet online poker for the following reasons:

  • The site is visited by many players from the USA, which increases the chance to meet interesting people at the same table and make useful contacts for the future;
  • A fairly simple interface and registration procedure at Bet Online poker, with completely convenient settings for auto-buy-in, auto-timer and other additions;
  • Great design, absolutely not straining the player’s eyes, and allowing you to play poker for many hours;
  • A large number of Bet Online poker bonus (many freerolls), which makes it possible on some days to receive great benefits from winnings;
  • The ability to make tags about the players at the table, which allows you to use the notes that appear when you hover over the player at any time and at any table to remember what tactics he uses;
  • The ability to simultaneously be at once at 12 tables;
  • Availability of free tables with real wins, the amount of which reaches $ 1000.

It is worth considering that most of the players at Bet Online poker go to the resource when Europe is deep in the night. Therefore, even provided that players from any country in the world can register on the site, it will be more convenient for Europeans to play for those who lead a nocturnal lifestyle.

Another relative inconvenience will be the fact that all funds won will be transferred to the player’s account in the bookmaker section. But transferring them to a poker account is quite simple. To do this, go to the “Cashier” section on the main site, and in the “Transfer to poker” section, configure the necessary conditions.

Types of games

The variety of tables at Bet Online poker is not very large. There is the option of playing Texas Holdem, as well as several tables with Omaha poker. There are no special options or fast poker on this Canadian resource. The resource is designed more for fans of the classic version of poker.

As for the prize pool, Bet Online poker offers a wide selection of buy-ins, from 5 to 99 $. The higher the buy-in, the higher the gain. The player can choose fast poker with several players at one table, or the option when several hundred players compete for the main prize on several tables.

How to play in it

In order to start playing Bet Online poker, you need to download the app either on mobile or on a computer (laptop, tablet). The procedure is simple, and consists of the following steps:

  1. Go to the official site and find the poker section in the main menu of the site;
  2. After that, the sentence “Download free software” will appear on the screen, with a choice from the app or Microsoft;
  3. After selecting the version, you just need to click on the “Yes” button and start the download.

After installation, you need to open the application on your phone or computer, and start playing. A large number of bonuses are provided to players, both at the beginning of the game, and when replenishing the account. When replenishing the account, you can get a bonus of $ 50 to $ 2,500 dollars, which you will need to wager. Prizes on the site are divided into three categories, depending on the level of the player’s account:

  • Bronze – up to NL 100;
  • Silver – up to NL 400;
  • Gold – up to NL1000.

When withdrawing funds, a small commission is taken from the players, but it can also be avoided. Once a month, the site offers one day individually for each player, for an interest-free withdrawal.

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