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WiLL Statement Regarding President Trump’s Pledge to Increase Pentagon Spending

WiLL Statement Regarding President Trump’s Pledge to Increase Pentagon Spending For Immediate Release February 24, 2017 During his keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, President Donald Trump stated that his forthcoming budget request will include one of the “greatest military buildups in American history.” Such a buildup will undoubtedly have […]

Minnesota Representative Jennifer Schultz: “U.S. military budget drains Minnesota”

Just like our state budget, the federal budget is both a vision and a blueprint outlining how to meet the needs of our communities with funds from our tax dollars. Americans rely on federal money to be safe, healthy, thriving and economically sound. Federal dollars are used to support schools, police, roads and bridges, clean […]

Minority Whip Nickie Antonio (OH): Presidential Candidates Must Outline Clear Budget Priorities

In less than a year, a new president will be inaugurated. The voters of Ohio will have a major role to play in determining who occupies that office. Choosing a candidate for President should involve moving beyond rhetoric to an evaluation of concrete plans. The best clue for assessing what the President will actually do […]

Maine Representative Bobbi Beavers: “Time to invest in the people”

As a member of the Maine House, I’m familiar with how difficult budget decisions are when money’s tight. We all have strong opinions about how to allocate limited state revenue among worthy programs and services. Do we put more dollars toward education? Do we repair another bridge? One thing we all agree on: wasting hard-earned […]

Rep. Brenda Gilmore: Honor women this month by investing in them

Originally published on March 31, 2016 in The Tennessean. This Women’s History Month, as we honor women’s legacies in fighting for equal rights and peaceful conflict resolution, I am also taking the time to reflect on how the country is prioritizing its federal budget investments and why that matters for women. American women should be […]

Sen. Nan Orrock and Women Leaders from Georgia Meet with Members of Congress

WiLL President Senator Nan Orrock (GA) took advantage of the recent Congressional recess and met with her Members of Congress.  On April 9, Sen. Orrock brought a delegation including Sen. Gail Davenport (GA), Rep. Sandra Scott (GA), GA WAND Executive Director Becky Rafter, and GA WAND Board President Dianne Valentin to meet with U.S. Senator […]

Sen. Sandy Pappas leads delegation in meeting with Congressman Keith Ellison

On Monday March 30, WiLL Vice President Minnesota Senate President Sandy Pappas, Senator Christine Eaton, Representative Phyllis Kahn, and Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire met with Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-5) to discuss federal budget priorities. The delegation of women legislators delivered a letter – signed by 41 Minnesota women state legislators and more than 230 additional […]

Sen. Sandy Pappas: Honoring the legacy of American workers

Labor Day marks more than just the end of summer. It’s a celebration of American workers and the contributions they make to the strength, prosperity and economic well-being of our country. This Labor Day, the continued need for sustainable, living wage jobs is first and foremost on my mind. As a state legislator, the decisions I […]

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