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Rep. Brenda Gilmore: Honor women this month by investing in them

Originally published on March 31, 2016 in The Tennessean. This Women’s History Month, as we honor women’s legacies in fighting for equal rights and peaceful conflict resolution, I am also taking the time to reflect on how the country is prioritizing its federal budget investments and why that matters for women. American women should be […]

Webinar: Our Budget, Our Priorities

Webinar: Our Budget, Our Priorities Wednesday, March 16, 2016 3:00pm EDT 2:00pm CDT 1:00pm MDT 12:00pm PDT We know all too well the impact that federal budgeting decisions have on our states. Women and working families are disproportionately impacted by cuts to safety net programs while too much money is being wasted on unneeded and […]

Women at the Tables of Power 2015

The 2015 WiLL/WAND National Women’s Leadership Conference, “Women at the Tables of Power,” was a huge success! More than 100 women state legislators and community leaders from 34 states attended the conference in Washington, DC and heard addresses from leading Administration officials and Members of Congress, networked with women leaders from across the country, participated […]

Sen. Nan Orrock and Women Leaders from Georgia Meet with Members of Congress

WiLL President Senator Nan Orrock (GA) took advantage of the recent Congressional recess and met with her Members of Congress.  On April 9, Sen. Orrock brought a delegation including Sen. Gail Davenport (GA), Rep. Sandra Scott (GA), GA WAND Executive Director Becky Rafter, and GA WAND Board President Dianne Valentin to meet with U.S. Senator […]

Sen. Sandy Pappas leads delegation in meeting with Congressman Keith Ellison

On Monday March 30, WiLL Vice President Minnesota Senate President Sandy Pappas, Senator Christine Eaton, Representative Phyllis Kahn, and Commissioner Mary Jo McGuire met with Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-5) to discuss federal budget priorities. The delegation of women legislators delivered a letter – signed by 41 Minnesota women state legislators and more than 230 additional […]

Webinar: Get Ready to Lobby

Webinar: Get Ready to Lobby Spring time is debate time in Congress! Your U.S. Representatives and Senators need to hear from women leaders like you about the need for responsible federal budget priorities, diplomacy with Iran instead of war, and greater women’s leadership domestically and abroad. On Thursday, March 26, WAND’s Senior Policy Director Kathy […]

Rep. Dee Dawkins-Haigler: Veterans Day in Georgia

Many families in Georgia have a personal connection to the U.S. military. Many of our parents, children, spouses or relatives have served our country in the Armed Forces. When Veterans Day comes around, it’s not an abstract concept for me. Both professionally as a state legislator and personally as a military spouse, I strive to […]

Sen. Nan Orrock Leads Push For Reasonable Pentagon Spending Cuts

State Senator Nan Grogan Orrock (D-Atlanta) joined Rep. Sheila Jones (D-Atlanta), Rep. Keisha Waites (D-Atlanta), and Rep. Simone Bell (D-Atlanta) in a meeting with Congressman David Scott (D-GA13) to present him with a letter signed by twenty-two Georgia women legislators. In the letter the delegation asked Congressman Scott to lend his support to sensible reductions […]

WiLL and WAND women in the news telling Congress to “Shut down the shutdown!”

More than 160 women state legislators and community leaders from 37 states, as well as women Parliamentarians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya, attended the 2013 WiLL/WAND National Women’s Leadership Conference “Women at the Tables of Power” this week. After 2 days of policy briefings and panels featuring experts and Members of Congress including Congresswoman […]

Press Release: Shut Down the Shutdown

100 Women State Legislators Gather in DC to Call on Congress to “Shut Down the Shutdown” Government shutdown would hurt elderly, children and veteran constituents For Immediate Release: Date: September 30, 2013 Contact: Jessie Calkins, Communications Officer Phone: (781) 643-6740 Email: jcalkins@wand.org WASHINGTON, DC– With a government shutdown imminent, one hundred women legislators and one […]

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