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Toolkit for signers of the WiLL Budget Letter to Congress

Thank you so much for adding your signature to our urgent message to Congress about federal budget priorities. As women leaders, we must make our voices heard in Congress, whose decisions impact our state budgets and our constituents!

We have delivered our letter to Congress, signed by more than 290 women legislators nationwide, sending an emphatic message to invest public funds wisely in programs that build our economy and our nation’s security.

Writing to Members of Congress is an important first step. Educating our constituents and getting our message in the media is also essential to help counter the  budget cuts that damage the programs that our constituents depend on. We know all too well that women and working families are disproportionately impacted by cuts to safety net programs.

We strongly encourage you to deliver this letter locally to the offices of your state’s Congressional delegation. For help with scheduling a meeting, please contact WiLL Program Manger Samantha Blake(sblake@wand.org). You can also weigh in with your local media on the federal budget and on your efforts to send a message to Washington on shifting federal budget priorities to meet the needs of the women and families in your state. Our resource toolkit for you includes:


  1. #Congress, it's time to invest in our communities & domestic needs, not weapons & wars http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  2. #Budgets are more than numbers. They're the blueprints for keeping our communities healthy http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  3. The #Pentagon can't be exempt from fiscal responsibility at the expense of our communities http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  4. #Budget priorities must shift from the #Pentagon to human needs! http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  5. #Congress: fund the needs in our states & reduce waste in the #Pentagon #budget!  http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  6. #Budgets are more than numbers. They're the blueprints for keeping our communities safe http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby
  7. #Budgets are more than numbers. They're the blueprints for keeping our communities thriving http://bit.ly/1XzIezV @WomenLegisLobby

Facebook Posts

  1. I proudly signed on to the Women Legislators’ Lobby’s letter to Congress, highlighting lopsided budget priorities in Congress and the need to invest our tax dollars in programs that benefit our shared constituents! http://bit.ly/1XzIezV
  2. Hundreds of women state legislators from around the country asked Congress to reduce excessive Pentagon spending and instead invest in human needs. http://bit.ly/1XzIezV
  3. In the state of (your state), we’re facing challenging state budget issues right now. We know that more federal dollars invested in our schools, our healthcare system, our hospitals, community care for seniors, our trauma network, light rail, public transit, energy efficiency, and weatherization would bring jobs and the great benefits of much needed services for our citizens. Congress needs to hear from us about sensible budget priorities! http://bit.ly/1XzIezV

Thank you again for adding your voice to this timely and important message to Congress. Your leadership is greatly appreciated!

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