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2018 Atlanta Communications Training


WiLL/WAND's regional communications training in Atlanta, GA will be taking place February 16-18. The registration fee of $100* covers meals throughout the program, admission to the opening reception, and all training materials.  Registration is currently close. 

*First term legislators' receive a lodging and travel scholarship as well a waived registration fee.

Travel and Hotel

WiLL/WAND has reserved a room block at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta (265 Peachtree Center Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303). A limited amount of single rooms are available at a rate of $139.00 + taxes/night and WiLL/WAND covers the full cost of double rooms. Travel scholarships are also available on a first come first served basis with a $250 limit. Please contact Samantha Blake at sblake@wand.org to reserve a room or to learn more about the travel scholarship process. 

For more information about travel and hotel details please read the participant information document


We are proud to work with Truman National Security to bring the best communication trainers to Atlanta. 


Jalina Porter is the Press Secretary at Truman National Security Project. As a previous communications staffer at the United States Congress and returned Peace Corps volunteer, Jalina has spent the trajectory of her career dedicated to communications and service. The dexterity of her work has also allowed her to work with various nongovernmental and advocacy organizations, publicly traded companies, and sports and entertainment powerhouses, including the National Football League, the National Basketball Association, and Viacom Media. Jalina is passionate about training and amplifying strong and principled women in the media, as well as living a life of purpose and fun lead by her core values of faith, family, integrity, creativity, and peace. Jalina is a proud graduate of Howard University, and in her spare time enjoys traveling, dancing, and practicing mindfulness through meditation.


Katrina L. Rogers joined Truman National Security Project as a Political Partner in 2011. She is the Founder and Principal of Kalaro Media, LLC, a communications firm specializing in political communications, digital media development, public relations and branding. Starting her career as a journalist, Katrina has a history of working to center those historically and systemically marginalized with a special dedication to social justice and electoral politics. The Spelman College graduate has worked on a number of campaigns including: President Obama’s re-election, Congressional races and healthcare reform. While still in college, the Shreveport, Louisiana, native was featured in “USA Today” as one of “America’s most valuable young minds.” Katrina’s passion is using language to help shift the narrative and change minds about systems of oppression.



Graham F. West serves as the Communications Director for Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project. He is responsible for leading the organization’s strategic communications and rapid response work, including daily and weekly messaging products, as well as managing the all star team that pushes Truman’s members and mission in TV, radio, print, and digital media.

Prior to joining Truman in March of 2014, Graham interned for the National Security program at Human Rights First, where he worked on policy and advocacy strategies for a robust and legal whole-of-government approach to counterterrorism. He is also a former intern at the Project on Middle East Democracy, where he researched and wrote for the Security Assistance Monitor blog on U.S. security aid to the Middle East and North Africa.



Preliminary Agenda

Agenda is subject to change

Friday, February 16

Welcome and introductions

4:30- 5:15
Nuclear Issues Primer
Little Rocket-Man, who’s button is bigger, and the list goes on. The threat of nuclear engagement is very real and a matter so serious that it can’t be diminished with nicknames and reckless tweets. The Truman staff will present a nuclear issues primer leading up to Saturday’s communications training. The ultimate goal is to prepare you to strategically and effectively dialogue about nuclear issues across multiple communication methods and platforms.

Opening reception 

Saturday, February 17


Strategic Communications Part 1 
Persuasion is about more than facts and figures; instead, shared values and stories are the key to reaching persuadable audiences in a hyper-polarized environment. This training uses audience engagement, real-world examples, and psychological studies to flesh out a comprehensive strategy of how to connect with the audience. Participants will walk away with a toolbox of strategic communications to build trust and communicate effectively with diverse groups in both the political and corporate arenas.

Strategic Communications Part 2 


Op-Ed 101
Even with the advent of social media and the continued reign of talking heads on TV, the written word—both in print and digital outlets—is essential to persuading policymakers and the public. This training is more than a slide deck—in fact, participants practice writing components of an op-ed with live feedback from the trainer. Participants will walk away understanding the essential elements and structure of a persuasive opinion piece.

Social Media 101
The ever-expanding social media landscape can be overwhelming, but it offers tremendous opportunities to engage with people the world over and promote all manner of content and messaging. This training explores the value-ads of social media and dives deep on how users and organizations can leverage LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to maximum effect. Participants will walk away fluent in the lingo of social media and ready to retweet, like, and share their way to a meaningful presence on the internet.

4:00- 5:30
On-Camera Training
Media appearances can help you reach a persuadable audience, but a lack of polish and preparation can damage your cause almost as much as a great session can help it. This training covers the essentials from wardrobe to camera angles, and makes use of numerous examples to illustrate best practices in both behavior and messaging tactics. Participants will walk away understanding how to put their best face forward and build trust with a television audience. One on one practice sessions can be set by appointment.

(Location TBD)

Sunday, February 18


1-on-1 on camera presentation 

National Security in the Age of Trump Panel and Q&A 
A very open and honest discussion about the current state of this country’s national security and foreign affairs interests, and what steps should to be taken to advocate for strong sensible policy.

Evaluations & Wrap up 


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