Women Legislators' Lobby

WiLL Trailblazers

WiLL Trailblazers: Leading the way for women, power, peace.

WiLL Trailblazers, a component of the Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL), brings together the voices of former women legislators to influence national policy to reduce violence and militarism and promote human and environmental well-being. The rich political and professional expertise of these women leaders will serve to strengthen, build and expand the influence of the national WiLL and WAND network.


  • Mentor current legislators
  • Encourage women to run for office
  • Serve as a resource for women candidates (introduce them to community leaders, provide information, connect them with helpful groups)
  • Lobby Members of Congress as needed as part of WiLL's legislative agenda
  • Help facilitate a WiLL mentor program
  • Participate in field events
  • Assist in WiLL recruitment efforts
  • Join local Get Out the Vote coalition groups
  • Participate in a WiLL speakers' bureau

Contact Us

National Office: 202-459-4769 more