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Join WAND/WiLL in Urging D.C. Lawmakers to Reject Trump Budget

The Trump Administration released its Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request, and as women lawmakers, we are deeply concerned that the White House is prioritizing new defense spending over programs that would lift women and families out of poverty. Responding to the budget request, Nan Orrock, Will President, said:     

“With a quick look at the Trump budget, it is crystal clear that millions of women, children and families would suffer from the proposed cuts. Trump’s budget would reduce health care coverage, slash affordable housing and food assistance, undermine our schools, cut childcare support, and threaten our safety and security. While grievously hurting women and children here at home, this budget foolishly threatens our funding for diplomacy while ramping up military spending and gutting our support for international programs supporting women and girls. We must speak up!”

With your signature, we will hand deliver to every Congressional Member this message from women state legislators that strongly urges a budget re-do. The proposed budget would wreak havoc with our constituents, our communities, and our state budgets as well. Click here to add your name. 

Trump's proposed budget fails women.

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