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WiLL/WAND Response to the Travel Ban on Muslims and Certain Middle Eastern Nationals

national securityOn Monday, March 6, President Donald Trump signed an updated executive order calling for a “90-day ban on the issuance of new visas for citizens of six majority-Muslim nations.” In short, this is the revised Muslim Ban Trump promised — and it’s only going to get worse.

This is the start toward institutionalizing and normalizing discrimination against people of certain ethnicities and religious beliefs, in contrast to the First Amendment.

While it may be politically expedient at home to use divisive language, telling our allies and adversaries alike that we are scared of rogue groups damages our position abroad and emboldens terrorists by showing that we fear them.

Undoubtedly, this ban will be headline news for the foreseeable future. If you are planning to issue a statement or speak with the media, we encourage you to emphasize how this policy undermines our national security. National security talking points may resonate with a larger audience and highlight the implications of this policy on all Americans, not just a targeted minority.

The topline points to remember are:

  • A Muslim ban weakens America
  • A Muslim ban undermines America’s ability to fight terrorism
  • A Muslim ban takes resources away from other complex national security challenges

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As state legislators, we are on the frontlines, protecting our communities and constituents and speaking out when policy decisions cause them harm. Now more than ever, it’s important that we raise our voices together.

Be sure to read WAND Executive Director Megan Amundson’s statement here.



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