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WiLL Statement Regarding President Trump’s Pledge to Increase Pentagon Spending

WiLL Statement Regarding President Trump’s Pledge to Increase Pentagon Spending

For Immediate Release
February 24, 2017

During his keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday, President Donald Trump stated that his forthcoming budget request will include one of the "greatest military buildups in American history."

Such a buildup will undoubtedly have ramifications for our nation’s economic security. The Pentagon budget has grown steadily over the past several years and already comprises more than 50 percent of the federal discretionary budget. Moreover, the Pentagon’s lack of budgetary discipline and inability to pass an audit is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, funding for other discretionary budget programs and needed investments has been constrained. Cuts to these discretionary programs sharply impact our states which receive roughly one third of this funding. As state legislators, we have had to make hard decisions to cut back on services. Further curtailing these investments will strain state budgets and thwart economic growth.

WiLL President and Georgia State Senator Nan Orrock advised, “There’s a smarter path to maintaining America’s strength than simply continuing to ramp up Pentagon spending. When we fail to address the needs we have in education, health, human services, transportation, and restoring crumbling infrastructure, we make our working class families more vulnerable. Additionally, women are hit particularly hard when domestic programs are shortchanged. ”

Minnesota Senator Sandy Pappas, Vice President of WiLL, added, “State legislators across the nation are committed to providing their constituents – especially veterans and military families – with security and the resources to build a brighter future for their children. We hope that Congress considers the needs in our states as they make budgeting decisions later this spring. Taxpayers around the country want the best use made of their tax dollars, and we know that investing in our citizens and our communities paves the road toward a prosperous future for all of us.”

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