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Webinar: The Iran Nuclear Deal After One Year

Webinar: The Iran Nuclear Deal After One Year

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3:00pm EDT

Join WAND as we hear from two Middle East policy experts, Barbara Slavin of the Atlantic Council and Kate Gould of Friends Committee on National Legislation, on successes and challenges to Iran Deal implementation.

Nearly a year has passed since six world powers and Iran signed a comprehensive nuclear agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program. In so doing, the chance of a military conflict between Iran and the United States or its allies was greatly reduced.

This webinar will cover what has happened since July 14, 2015 – the day the deal was signed – and potential challenges to further implementation, including geopolitics, compliance issues, and Congressional obstruction.


Barbara Slavin

Barbara Slavin


Barbara Slavin, Acting Director of the Future of Iran Initiative, Atlantic Council





Kate Gould

Kate Gould


Kate Gould, Legislative Representative, Middle East Policy, Friends Committee on National Legislation

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