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Webinar: Our Budget, Our Priorities

Webinar: Our Budget, Our Priorities

Wednesday, March 16, 2016
3:00pm EDT
2:00pm CDT
1:00pm MDT
12:00pm PDT

We know all too well the impact that federal budgeting decisions have on our states. Women and working families are disproportionately impacted by cuts to safety net programs while too much money is being wasted on unneeded and ineffective weapons programs at the Pentagon.

In this exclusive webinar opportunity, learn more about the federal budget proposals presented by the President and by Members of Congress which represent starkly different approaches to issues Americans identify as top priorities: education, Social Security, jobs, and other domestic investments.

Featuring National Priorities Project Senior Research Analyst Jasmine Tucker, this webinar will explain differences between the major budget proposals, what comes next in the federal budget process, and how you can speak up for the best investments for your state.


Jasmine Tucker

Jasmine Tucker

Jasmine Tucker is senior research analyst at the National Priorities Project where her work focuses on federal spending and tax policy, social insurance and safety net programs, as well as military spending. Jasmine comes to NPP from the National Academy of Social Insurance, where she was the senior analyst on income security policy and the lead author of the groundbreaking public opinion study, Strengthening Social Security: What Do Americans Want? Jasmine was also a fellow at the National Women’s Law Center, where she conducted research on the importance of Social Security, unemployment insurance, and related programs to women and their families. Jasmine received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from The George Washington University, where she focused on poverty and social policy, and is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park.

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