Women Legislators' Lobby

WiLL and WAND women in the news telling Congress to “Shut down the shutdown!”

Board and EWI participants

WAND and WAND Education Fund board members with international Parliamentarians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, and Egypt

More than 160 women state legislators and community leaders from 37 states, as well as women Parliamentarians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Libya, attended the 2013 WiLL/WAND National Women's Leadership Conference "Women at the Tables of Power" this week. After 2 days of policy briefings and panels featuring experts and Members of Congress including Congresswoman Donna Edwards (MD-4), Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4), and Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (AZ-9), participants headed to Capitol Hill to meet with their Members of Congress, just in time for the federal government shutdown on Tuesday, October 1. WiLL and WAND members reached out to the press to discuss their participation in the WiLL/WAND Conference and to call on Congress to "shut down the shutdown!" Read more below:

The Huffington Post: Women State Legislators Tell Congress to ‘Shut Down the Shutdown’

The Huffington Post: State Lawmakers Say Tea Party Congress Not Likely To Face Problems Back Home

The Huffington Post: International Lawmakers Worried Over 2013 Government Shutdown

The Daily Tar Heel: NC sisters join state legislators to protest military funding

The Progressive: Women legislators caught in the shutdown

The Columbus Dispatch: Tavares joins women calling for congress to work

The Ohio House of Representatives: Rep. Antonio, Sen. Tavares call on Congress to end political showdown

Minnesota House of Representatives: 100 Women State Legislators Gather in DC, Call on Congress to "Shutdown the Shutdown"

City-County Observer: State lawmakers join call for end to threatened government shutdown

Georgia Senate Press: Sen. Orrock joined with other lawmakers urging shut down the shutdown

Georgia Senate Press: Sen. Gloria Butler calls on Congress to shut down the shutdown

Blog for Democracy: Women Power Peace on Capitol Hill

Illinois State Senate: State Senator Mattie Hunter joins Women legislators from across the country to oppose the government shutdown

Arkansas lobby day

The Arkansas delegation meets with U.S. Senator Mark Pryor on Tuesday, October 1



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